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Star (Diana)


By: Celeste Terrell
Key: G

Verse 1:
A Princess' dream was as sweet as her love

it's so easy to see a girl

For she's a picture image of u and u of her

But we can't live without u

Verse 2:
Your heart was as big as your pain

It's so easy to blame everyone

But it's the picture image of u that we can't get enough

And the world can't live without u

U Give and people take, repeating your heartbreak

Hide all the pain for one moment, one smile

For u it's just part of the job

Verse 3:
Your innocence wanted to believe in a lover's love

it's much like a fairytale story Only written in the tabloid

news and the camera flashes around this star

But we can't live without u

U Give and someone takes, repeating your heartbreak

Take all the pain, in your heart don't stop

It's as if she knew she was never coming back

Coming back... Coming back

A lifetime of heartache ended on the road
A lifetime of heartache had to end too soon
But i
No i
No i can't live without u