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By: Celeste Terrell
Key: E major Tempo: 105

Your heart is heavy and a mind wants to move on
the trickled dreams seem to know where to go
A babbling brook, any twist and turn it took
An easier route when the ground's too high.

And as you start your life with every hope and dream
something just gets in the way
A lover's heart or the need to do your parts
Don't keep taking the easy ways


Your River's wide
The tide is high
Some hold inside
But you can't hide
Your river's wide
Who can deny?
Your feelings inside
You are alive!

Your head is cloudy and your soul is yellow green
Muddy water being choked and strained
A soul's river becoming brown with people's dirt
You have to hurt to keep the ones you love.

And as you lead your life at an older age
desperations just as extreme
Your holding on and finding strength in some song
Well it's never been easy

Repeat Chorus