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  Celeste Terrell, born and raised in Louisiana, became a Yankee transplant when she moved to Boston to attend the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. She became a personal chef and started her business called Olives and Herbs. After two years of hard work, she never lost the desire to pursue music and so...here it goes: "I've been in love with music since I was 2 and my mother had to drag me away from the bar room jukebox in a pizza joint known as Tom's. The bar patrons (dirty old men) couldn't resist feeding the Wurlitzer machine more quarters to make my little tushie shake and my strawberry blonde hair swing."

" I think I was also influenced by watching the videos of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean performance on the Motown 25th. It was like watching The Beatles for the first time on Ed Sullivan. Then came U2...With or Without You - in car garages playing the same damn D chord over and over...Pink Floyd - sitting at a red light with the windows down and listening to the clocks tick and then DING!!!!!! But despite it all, I will never forget my country roots and the twang of soul I have in my heart. Now I'm completely influenced by old Radiohead, U2, Fleetwood Mac, The Judds and Brandi Carlile. I try to blend country with old rhythm and blues and angst pop and rock (if that's possible!) I live in the Houston area now, specifically the southeast near Galveston. Home is where the love is and now I'm feeling it in Texas."

Celeste has played at such venues as:
Bojangle's Blues Bar in Seabrook, TX; Claudio's Italian Restaurant and Piano Bar Kemah, TX; Sansone's Houston, TX; JP Hops House Houston, TX; The Elegant Hogg Houston, TX; Mojo Risin' Coffee House Houston, TX; The Last Concert Cafe Houston, TX; West Alabama Ice House Houston, TX and Blanco's Houston, TX
Angels or Demons
One I Love
Like A Hurricane  
Use Me Anytime
Live Your Dreams


  "Celeste Terrell has music that will move you. It's warm, inviting and draws you in. Keep an eye on Terrell because she is a rising star!"
-Madalyn Sklar, GoGirlsMusic.com