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Angles and Demons


Byt: Celeste Terrell
Key: E

Verse 1:
Growing up and changing things

I realized how different I feel

I choose my life and I make a plan

but my friends think I should just follow them

They're my Angels or my demons that won't let me free

My Angels, they try to tell me who I should be

Verse 2
I hear my mother; opinioned voices

and I feel the strain of making my own choices

Do I choose wealth, safe or fame? “Well honey, you know that's not the way”

How can you say, I know a better way?

Cause she's my Angel or my demon that won't let me free

She's my Angel and it's her fears that question me

Is it ok mother? Will you love me, one way or never?

Is it ok father? Does she blame you, for the changing daughter

Is it ok my Jesus? Will you still love me if I'm being selfish?

While your looking on us, can I that life I always wanted?

Love always wanted. Love always wanted..

Is it ok everybody?
How about love?